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Interieurontwerp KLM Employee Event # Vanessa van Tiggelhoven.png


KLM 's 100th anniversary! This 100-year milestone is a special moment to reflect on during the annual employee event. I was asked to design part of this event.


The exhibit is titled Crew Center in 100 Seconds, introducing the visitor to the upcoming revamped crew center for its aircrew staff.

Not only the space is given a new look, but also the way of working. KLM wants to introduce the new space, as well as the working method, during their annual employee event.


The aim is to introduce the visitor to the new set-up in a fast, effective way. The title Crew Center in 100 seconds betrays that the visitor must get an impression in 100 seconds (based on the airline's 100th anniversary). 

Powerful image is the solution: The floor plan of the new crew center is beamed onto the exhibition floor. The beamed image is interactive; As soon as the visitor walks into the space, the image fans out from a 2D floor plan to a 3D impression.

The event's logo is also a hologram, which spins around the clock in 100 seconds.

Interieurontwerp KLM Employee Event 2 # Vanessa van Tiggelhoven.png
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