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A great interior truly represents who you are. Reflecting your identity and personality is a major drive for me. This villa tells the personal story of an out-of-home daughter, an adolescent son, and their parents. I have turned the villa into a family home that completely reflects who they are, feeling like a warm embrace as soon as you enter the room.



The interior of this villa was outdated and in need of an upgrade. I set out to make the beautiful character of this old farmhouse and its natural surroundings become one with the warm character of the habitants and their surroundings.

The entire project was a long and intense but beautiful journey with the client. I designed the complete interior, from concept, to big practical architectural lines, to warm personal details. This process took over two years. As an interior architect I was given complete creative freedom. In return, I provided high-quality design and service: The design is correct in every detail. The process supervised down to the last detail.



My design approach is to make the interior feel like an extension of its architecture, reflecting the residents and their habits. With this philosophy in mind, my design makes their home become an extension of their identity, practical and customized, yet elegant and sparkling.

The unity in the interior refers to the harmony of the family. This house fosters personal connections, while everyone can still maintain their privacy. It balances practicality and functionality versus warmth and elegance.



The character of the old farmhouse is back to life again, while it is contemporary at the same time: Modern design alternates with original design classis.
a contrast to the natural colors, but mostly to add an extra personal touch, two big black and white art pieces of the kids fill the living room. The client feels proud and home again in this wonderful villa. And secretly, so do I. 

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