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product design benjamin by Vanessa van Tiggelhoven 1.._edited.jpg


I designed BenJaMin as lifetime furniture. It consists of three chairs: Ben, Ja, and Min.



High chairs are often an eyesore in an interior. At the same time, young kids often have the wish to be like their mommy or daddy.



I wanted to design a baby chair that would be a miniature copy of an adult chair while respecting human measurements. To create both user stabilization, and to involve teenagers, I created a middle chair. This turns the product into furniture that grows with you, for life

Together the three chairs form one high chair, creating both height and storage space. Separately, they act as stand-alone chairs for the entire family: ‘Ben’ as an adult chair, ‘Ja’ as a chair for teenagers, and ‘Min’ as a chair for toddlers.



The ‘Jakob’ tables complete the BenJaMin family.

BenJaMin 1 # Vanessa van Tiggelhoven....
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