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For a residential renovation of a master bedroom, a bathroom, and a young boys’ room, I was completely on the lead. This is the house of a hard working businessman, who has a soft spot for clean luxurious design.



With a tight deadline - both for the design as for the renovation - I made sure everything happened at the right time. Managing builder’s agenda’s and suppliers, while working out floor plans, 3D and technical drawings.



The owner’s wish was to create a warm homely atmosphere on the first floor, for himself and his 10 year old son. I added that warmth and character, while respecting his minimalist and luxurious taste. The owner gave me full creative freedom. I gave him a high-end luxurious design and high valuable personal assistance in return. It made me fly high, allowing me to add my signature no-nonsense, elegance and sparkling to these fully custom-made rooms.



For the boys bedroom, we went for spaciousness, turning two small rooms into one big bedroom. The exclusive denim fabric gives the rooms style and warmth. His desk nicely tucks away in his wardrobe, while the nightstands double as poofs for PlayStation time with his friends.


For the master bedroom, the custom bed and wardrobe nicely go with the wooden veneers and exclusive denim fabric. Italian design lamps with a B&O television and soundbar top the room off with a luxurious feel. Nice lighting features give both rooms an extra luxurious feeling.


The bathroom leans on strong contrasts. Clean white walls and black water taps. Rough plaster with a minimalist rectangular shower drain. The wooden veneer gives warmth and character to the room. The washbasins and water taps are designed by Dutch minimalist Piet Boon. These visual contrasts create just the right sparkle.


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