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What drives me as an interior architect is my love to help people. It makes me truly happy bringing your happiness to the next level, at your place to be, where you feel safe, at ease and proud.

For me interior design is about people. It's about you and your identity. Whether it's brand of personal identity, it's about you and your comfort and ease. In my work as an interior architect I translate your (brand) identity into an high end conceptual interior design.

I do this by seeking depth, in our collaboration, but mostly by being truly interested in your personality and your company, what motivates and drives you: your passion. To get to know the best version of you and your brand, so that I can design the best spatial version of you and your brand. 


















As I put all my love into your design, my personal characteristics are my design signature: 

no nonsenseAs I believe in action rather than words, I create peace, unity and functionality into space. Often translated into customized furniture, as part of the architecture itself.
eleganceMy interior designs form a well-thought-out elegance, in which all parts harmoniously fit into each other.

sparklingAs I am often called "never a dull moment", why shouldn't my interior designs be the same? ;) A spark celebrates life!


In 2011 I graduated at the architectural design department of the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.
A year after I won both the public price & award Elle Decoration
Design Talent Award by Cappellini with furniture Flip. Studio Vanessa van Tiggelhoven is born. Furniture line BenJaMin under my own label & kids collection Kids Forest for the Portuguese label Muratto follow. Eventually I return to my true passion: interior architecture.


I feel honored and privileged to have worked with these amazing brands and wonderful people:






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