Interieurontwerp Skybox FC Groningen 1 # Vanessa van Tiggelhoven...png

A great honor and challenge designing this skybox for FC Groningen!

In the small space 10 by 4 m2 two functions had to be realized: 1) a bar, welcoming the visitors + as an entrance towards the tribune, 2) a studio for making promotional films & interviews.

Furthermore, two managers had an opposite studio request: one wanted a laid back lounge atmosphere & the other wanted a neat table for serious interviews.


Form followed function: the logo's shape became the design starting point. The letter G of the logo was abstracted to a hexagon. The entire space, including floor and furniture, was built up by hexagons.

The floor makes a puzzle of hexagon tiles, including a football centre spot. The bar is built by several 3D hexagons: the bar itself, shelves and sofas. To save space, on the wall towards the tribune foldable logo tables were designed for food and drinks. The studio got a football table made out of hexagons. On the wall you see logo photo frames for the team formation: on the left all FC Groningen football players, on the right the current players playing the match. The green logo lamps as finishing touch eye catchers.

Interieurontwerp Skybox FC Groningen 2 # Vanessa van Tiggelhoven...png
Interieurontwerp Skybox FC Groningen 1 # Vanessa van Tiggelhoven...png