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Interieurontwerp Pizza Papini 2 # Vanessa van Tiggelhoven_edited.jpg


Located in the heart of Breda city centre, creating a new pizzeria was the right spot. However, the interior itself was challenging: a long narrow space, with an illogical old-fashioned interior.

To be able to create a cool and trendy pizza snack bar, we needed to make radical changes: tear everything down and start all over again.

Literally a new path was given to design a strong concept, identifying the owners and their customers to be.


The one and only window looking out on the Halstraat had to be focus number one: Your customers invitation to get in and visit the pizzeria!

A warm welcome was created by the entrance materials: a cocoon of wooden floor, walls and ceiling.


Once inside, peoples attention is drawn to the backside, the pizza bar, were the product, the pizzas, are handmade, baked in the pizza oven and being sold!

Using urban materials and rough colors give the pizzeria snack bar the fast, cool and trendy feeling it wants, while at the same time giving the perfect contrast for the colorful pizzas to pop out.

Opposite a little bar and bar stools give customers the opportunity to be seated while waiting in line or eat their pizza slice before leaving.


To make more use of the window in front, a seating area was created to unwind a bit and look out of the street.

A custom made bench made out of the same wooden material as the entrance, makes it seem to be an extension of the architecture itself.

As part of the fast but cool pizzeria snack bar concept, simple but elegant furniture was chosen.



Interieurontwerp Pizza Papaini BEFORE - Vanessa van Tiggelhoven._edited.jpg


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Interieurontwerp Pizza Papini 2 # Vanessa van Tiggelhoven...jpg
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"We are very happy with the final product she delivered, we recommend Vanessa - she exceeded our expectations while being trustworthy, professional and able to bring visions to life!

- creative, client-focused approach.


-flexible, spontaneous “ out of the box” thinking.


- capable of brainstorming, expressing her opinions while taking in consideration the ever changing thoughts we had.


- successfully managed to change the plans “ last minute” and delivered a high quality concept which was within our time and money budget.

- she provides sustainable design solutions - 2D and 3D presentations which helped us a lot in understanding the space we needed to redecorate and renovate.


- the communication with Vanessa was professional with a touch of personal sparkle, she managed to combine very well the work goals with a relaxed vibe. 

She is a smart designer with wide imagination and has always been hands-on throughout our project."

Adela Patriciu

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Interieurontwerp Haarsalon 2 # Vanessa van Tiggelhoven.jpg
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